How to Do Front Loaded Dumbbell Lateral Shuffles With Super Band

Learn How to Do Front Loaded Dumbbell Lateral Shuffles With Super Band, the right way.

Hello there! This exercise I am about to demonstrate to you today activates your hamstrings and also the glutes, this will teach you How to Do Front Loaded Dumbbell Lateral Shuffles With Super Band. What you need for this exercise is a super band and a dumbbell. So the first thing you want to do is to go ahead and put the super band around your ankles making sure that it is nice and flush. It is not good to have it all twisted up because that will just degrade the quality of the band.

How to Do Front Loaded Dumbbell Lateral Shuffles With Super Band

Now you want to go ahead and pick up the dumbbell and hold it vertically while placing both of your palms on the upper side. Your wrists should be in contact with the center of the handle such that your palms are enclosing the weight on the upper side.

Squat all the way down, with your chest up and then move laterally. Also, remember to step out and bring your feet back in. Do this halfway to create the tension in the glutes.

Try to stay low when performing the exercise. Do it nicely, try not to bounce and stay as close to the ground as you can.

You want to feel a lot of tension in the glutes when you perform this exercise. And that’s How to Do Front Loaded Dumbbell Lateral Shuffles With Super Band.

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