Spicy World Black Salt Powder (Kala Namak Mineral) 7 Oz – Vegan, Pure, Unrefined, Non-GMO & Natural – Perfect for Tofu Scramble, Egg Taste

Spicy World Black Salt Powder (Kala Namak Mineral) 7 Oz – Vegan, Pure, Unrefined, Non-GMO & Natural – Perfect for Tofu Scramble, Egg Taste


  • ❤️️ GREAT FOR VEGAN DIETS – makes a great eggy substitute in flavor. This is the “to go to” for VEGANS who love eggs but won’t eat them! Vegans love this Black salt as it adds a taste of Eggs to their diet and gives them a needed source of minerals and iron. Perfect for a Vegan Tofu Scramble!
  • ❤️️ NO PRESERVATIVES OR CHEMICALS – Our Kala Namak is Non-Irradiated and Vegan, Cholesterol-Free, and 100% Natural. Often used in Indian cooking also.
  • ❤️️ NO anti-caking agents or additives like other brands to prevent clumping. Some natural clumping may occur. This does not indicate that the product is old or bad, just that it is free from these additives.
  • ❤️️ Black Salt Kala Namak is a Himalayan rock salt that has a high sulfur content, which gives it it’s flavor and smell. It is commonly used in vegan dishes to replicate an egg flavor. It is naturally NOT a genetically modified product because it is not grown.
  • ❤️️ The Kala Namak salt is also known under the name Black Salt, is a specialty in the Pakistan / Indian cuisine. It is pinkish grey rather than black and has a very distinctive sulfurous mineral taste similar to hard-boiled eggs. This Black Salt is used in Pakistan / Indian cuisine as a condiment and is added to chaats, chutneys, raitas and many other savory Indian snacks.
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