Stop Dirty Bulking!

Are you building muscle or just gaining weight? Are you just looking bigger in clothes or just gaining fat? I know many men who gain a lot of body fat and think they are building muscle. They focus on the weight on the scale and look in the mirror, thinking they are gaining more mass, but it’s the wrong type of mass. You keep telling yourself you are getting bigger, and you ask your friends, and they agree but are afraid to tell you the truth. If you know me by now, I have a no-bs approach to fitness, and I will tell you the truth in your face. I’m here to help you build muscle the right way, and I will not lead you in the wrong direction. When it comes to building muscle, you want to build lean muscle mass! During a bulking phase, that is not a free pass to eat and drink what you want. You still have to continue to eat healthily and maintain a healthy level of body fat to build optimal muscle. Too much body fat can slow down muscle growth by raising cortisol and estrogen levels. That’s why I highly recommend eating a whole food plant-based diet and counting your macros. A proper amount of vitamins and minerals will help your body recover faster. Consuming a high-carb diet consisting of rice and beans will also aid with a high amount of amino acids to build muscle faster. Too much junk food will lead to unpleasant weight gain, and you will not get the proper nutrients to get jacked! My student Matthew Coleman from South Bend, Indiana, wanted to get jacked and build some massive muscle! I had to tell him the truth and told him you need to cut first my friend, and then we can build some muscle. Without argument, he listened to my advice, and within 12 weeks, he had already lost 40 lbs! He also had knee pain which disappeared during the weight loss journey! He has more energy and self-confidence within himself! We are not done because he wants to take his body to the next level! Let me help you gain muscle the right way and not gain unnecessary body fat!

Comment “Lean Bulk,” and I’ll help you build lean vegan muscle!

🏋️‍♀️Stop Doing Cardio and Lift Heavy!🏃‍♀️Fat Loss Can Be A Long Journey!


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