How to Do Cable Rotation

Learn How to Do Cable Rotation.

In today’s exercise, I am going to demonstrate how to do cable rotation. This exercise is, performed with a special target on the lateral parts of the abs and more specifically, the obliques.

Now, the first thing you need is a cable tower machine, then get a stability ball and a cable d-handle. This is my custom version of the cable rotation. The original exercise involves keeping both feet straight and pulling on the d-handle moving the cable laterally almost like a wood chop . You should make sure that your knees are bent, and that your chest and back are out before twisting your body all the way.

While doing this, you may feel some resistance in the core. The reason why I’m using the stability ball is that I think, actually, really know that it will prevent the body from bending over or jerking motions like trying to use the hips.

If you are using your hips, you can easily do this exercise using heavy weights. The ball will also prevent you from moving down uncontrollably and at the same time activate your core a lot more.

How to Do Cable Rotation: How to hold the stability ball

Use both hands to lift the ball to your chest level. Then use your right hand to grip onto the d-handle on the cable tie machine without letting go of the ball.

Once you have achieved this position, where both hands are gripping the ball and handle, pull the cable so that your body moves outwards but in a somewhat circular motion.

You will feel a little resistance after doing your first rotation. Get your feet apart – preferably the same length as that of the width of your shoulders.

With your chest and back side out, perform the rotation once again by twisting your body out and then back. You want to keep your head straight in such a way that the only part of you that moves is your core.

While performing the cable rotation exercise, you will want to complete only the amount of reps recommended in your work out plan. It is always good to follow the rules laid out in your work out plan.

And there you have it folks, an easy way to complete a cable rotation.

Thanks for watching and that’s my guide on How to Do Cable Rotation.

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