Your Eating Habits Affect Your Kids!

You blame genetics for health-related mishaps like heart disease, cancers, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and many more.

Before blaming genetics, let’s look down the family tree.

Do your parents, grandparents, cousins. Aunties eat the same way you do?

When it comes to family gatherings, how many people bring healthy foods like salads, cooked vegetables, or vegan dishes?

Maybe you’re already on the right path but notice you’re the only vegan in the family?

Most diseases are not from genetics. Bad eating habits have been passed through your family from one generation to the next!

Your kids will be the next generation, and if you don’t change your habits now, the path of death and disease will pass upon them until someone decides to break this chain of bad habits.

Will it be you, or will you let your kids carry this burden?

Erinkate Morrison from Oxford, Maine, reached up to 275 lbs and knew she had to stop the weight gain and didn’t want her daughter to follow the same path as her as she sees her daughter gaining weight rapidly!

In 7.5 months, Erinkate has already lost 75 lbs (34kg) working with me in my 16-week transformation program!

Within my program, we taught Erinkate how to make healthy meals for her child to slowly and safely transition to a plant-based diet.

While slowly transitioning and teaching her daughter. Erinkate is leading my example so her daughter can look up to her as a loving and healthy mom!

A recent study by CDC states a child that lives with parents that are obese is 80% likely to be obese as well.

Don’t be a statistic, and let me help you and your family live a healthy lifestyle.

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