Sean Cox, from New York, NY, was diagnosed with COVID19. @scoxny33 

Have you known someone who’s gotten ill?

Are you doing the best practices to stay healthy?

Maybe you think this is all a Hoax?

I’m here to tell you; this is one from a few people that I know have tested positive.

And I would like to share his story so that you can see the power of preventive medicine!

Preventive medicine consists of exercising and eating healthy. But it goes a little bit deeper than that.

Are you consuming junk, process foods, and snacks?

Well, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Sean cox saw consuming a plant-based diet helped him with his symptoms. He mentions that the regular flu was worst than COVID19.

Through doctor’s orders, he rested but continued to fuel his body with plants and water.

Through my coaching, Sean came to me for assistance. Three months before diagnosed.

He wanted to build his immune system and stop consuming animal byproducts.

He felt animal byproducts were compromising his system.

I told him that consuming the majority of eating a plant-based diet can help him. Because beans, lentils but, seeds, vegetables, and fruits have all the nutrients to boost your immune system.

It meant a lot to him because Sean just recently got off immune suppressants because last year, he diagnosed with leukemia. And he had to go through treatment.

But he’s is a big believer now. That is working out consistently, and living on a plant-based diet helped him beat the coronavirus.

He can’t thank me enough for giving him the tools he needs to live a healthy lifestyle and a robust immune system.

If you like to work on your preventive medicine comment, “Meal Plan” and I’ll set up and appointment with you ASAP!

FAST MEAL PREP HACK VEGAN EGG ROLL BOWL!FAST MEAL PREP HACK VEGAN EGG ROLL BOWL!Are you dieting and your coach told you no junk food?Are you dieting and your coach told you no junk food?


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