Learn how to do a wall squat, the right way. A wall squat is some corrective exercise that can help you hone your squatting technique. Most people execute the squat wrongly by lifting their heels off the ground and putting a lot of weight forward causing a lot of pressure on your knees which can result in pain and injuries in the future.

How to do a wall squat: Muscles it works

Learning how to do a wall squat engages the hamstrings, gluteus muscles, quads, lower back, and core. Therefore a wall squat will help you to carry out your squat correctly without causing pain but engaging the target muscle groups. All you need is a wall for you to execute the wall squat.

How to do a wall squat: Execution

  1. Begin with your chest facing the wall and ensure your feet are 18-24 inches in front of you. Keep your feet shoulder width apart with your toes pointing slightly outward and knees pointing forward.
  2. While in this starting position, keep your arms on the side but touching the wall. Once you are sure of this position, you can descend slowly by sliding down the wall always keeping your head up and maintaining the chest out and back tucked in posture.
  3. Continue descending to a point where your upper legs are parallel to the ground. You can maintain this position for some time while focusing on breathing.
  4. Push yourself up through your heels without lifting them off the ground to return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat the process for the set repetitions.

How to do a wall squat: Posture

While doing this exercise, it’s essential to ensure that you keep the correct posture, avoid lifting your heels off the ground. To ensure that you do it correctly you can use some resistance behind you. For example, you can use a seat as some resistance by placing it behind you. It will prevent you from falling back hence ensuring that you execute the wall squat correctly.

How to do a wall squat: Benefits of a wall squat

Wall squat is such a fantastic exercise that can be done anywhere as long as there is a wall. Some of its benefits include:

  • It’s an exercise that helps in strengthening the weak muscles while also helping you to achieve flexibility.
  • It’s the best exercise in strengthening your legs by making the quadriceps stronger.
  • It engages all the muscles that your body uses in extending your legs and flexing your thighs. Some of those muscles include vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, rectus femoris and many more.

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